Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Reflections on Sandra Kanck

I am in agreement with Sandra as to how we are autonomous through education and knowledge, being influenced by our environment. I also agree with her in regards to how readily people associate others with ‘something different’ rather than seeing them as someone like the self. I think this is definitely where barriers are put up and stereotypes grow, making global citizenship a challenge because how can we want to help others and appreciate what they do if we do not accept them as people like us?
At the same time, it seems somewhat contradictory to me that Sandra carries out actions such as boycotting Israeli goods. Yes, this is to make a statement to the government, but what about those individual people who make up the country of Israel, who rely on the income from Israeli goods, and who may be people who are just as proactive and globally aware as she is? In a way, I feel as though she is trying to be a local citizen by boycotting something, yet she is decreasing her global citizenship by making it difficult for those who rely on the income from those goods.

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